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Browser Helper Object

Developer Bsalsa productions

In order to attach to a running instance of Internet Explorer 4.0, you can use a "Browser Helper Object." A ...

Amazing Adventures The Forgotten Dynasty

Developer Spintop Media, Inc

Amazing Adventures: The Forgotten Dynasty is a typical hidden object puzzle game with nice graphics and a captivating background ...

Hawaiian Explorer 2 - Lost Island

Developer iWin Inc.

Hawaiian Explorer Lost Island is a hidden object sequel to Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor. In this game, you will be part of a ...

Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary

Developer ERS G-Studio

Mysterious Travel - The Magic Diary is a typical hidden object puzzle game where you have to find ...

Jane Lucky

Developer Meridian'93

Jane Lucky is a puzzle object adventure game with unique atmosphere. You have to help Jane Lucky solve the riddle of an ancient artifact. ...

The Hidden Object Show Season

Developer Iplay

In The Hidden Object Show: Season 2 you’ll be representing a contestant in a park show in which the main goal is to find a list of hidden objects ...

Photo Clip Art

Developer SIGGRAPH

Photo Clip Art is a system for inserting new objects into existing photographs by querying a vast image-based ...

The Hidden Object Show Combo Pack

Developer Gogii Games

The Hidden Object Show Combo Pack offers the parts 1 and 2 of this game. The Hidden Object Show is a TV show that has two seasons ...

Hidden Mysteries: The White House

Developer Spark Plug Games

The White House is an interesting hidden-object game with an educational theme. In this game you must help Miranda find clues to find her professor, ...


Developer Easypano Holdings Inc.

Modelweaver 3.00 is an easy-to-use, and powerful 3D object movie creating program, which can help the user to create high quality 3D ...

ActiveX/COM Inspector -

Developer oakland software

The oakland software ActiveX/COM Inspector allows you to examine, trace events on, and manipulate the behavior of any ...

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop Object Enabler

Developer Autodesk, Inc.

The Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® 2009 Object Enabler is a freeware application that allows object data created in Autodesk Mechanical ...

Instant Object Maker

Developer FlightSimTools.com

Instant Object Maker is an easy-to-use tool for making simple 3D objects for Flight Simulator. ...

Hidden Object Mystery Pack 4-in-1

Developer Iplay

Hidden Object Mystery Pack 4-in-1 is a set of four Hidden Object games. This package includes Ancient Secrets: ...

Harlequin Presents - Hidden Object of Desire

Developer Gunnar Games

Allie`s on a quest to find some breaking news in the Kingdom of Adamas, but must now choose between her ...