Object 3D Shell

object 3d shell
Shell Extensions
Windows shell extensions extend the Windows shell.
Synesis Software
Shell Object Editor
Editor for shell objects.
Tropical Technologies

Object 3D Shell

VTF Shell Extensions
VTF Shell Extensions provides additional support for VTF files.
Neil 'Jed' Jedrzejewski.
Advanced Shell for UPX
Advanced Shell is the Windows shell for UPX version 3.01 - the best executable file compressor. Thi......
Computer-Expert Group
Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell
Spetnik's C++ Compiler Shell inputs the filenames you specify and sends them, along with any other o......
Spetnik's VB Site
Roku Shell Extension
Mark Heaton
FileName Shell Extension
Nighthero Computing
Wez's Evil Shell Desktop
Wez's Evil Shell Desktop is a replacement for the default graphical shell.
Evil, as in Dr.
ClipName Shell Extension
Patrick Philippot
Inscriber Shell Extension
Harris Corporation

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Object 3D Shell

A 3D shell for Window NT systems using OpenGL. It creates rotating boxes for all desktop icons. Allo......
Particle Stream Studios
A 3D shell for windows desktop.
CBX Shell
Designed to change file extensions between ZIP/RAR and CBZ/CBR.
T800 Productions
Second Shell
Second Shell offers useful enhancements for the Windows shell.
Hamilton C shell 2010 Demo
Hamilton C shell is a language for interactively using Windows.
Hamilton Laboratories